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Welcome to Women on Earth

« The cosmopolitan crossroads representing women in the world, borderless affirmations of cultural diversity and reality, lives and achievements, human and artistic encounters, intersecting experiences and ideas amongst women from all walks of life and all backgrounds. »

Women on Earth is a women’s website that is creative and interactive, welcoming open and talented minds !

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WE ! A state of mind that’s... « decidedly for women ».

Don't miss it... on WE ! art
WE ! art

"La gardienne du placard"
> Anne Parisot

WE ! art

"Man Ray"
> Maïté Lafitte

WE ! art

"sans titre"
> Karine Lhémon

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WE ! face

WE ! write

WE ! creation

Like many,I'm always so busy.I homeschool,I write,I'm passionate,meaning there's always something that drives me or compels to have a good rant(on paper). I have 2 gorgeous,lovely,bright children who constantly require my attention.We also bake,co (...)

"Mad or creative ?"
> elle A-S

WE ! creation

"Poisson orange à pois verts"
> Ingrid Monchy

Mouvement et effroi Les expériences genrées des migrants forcés de la Corne de l’Afrique en exil au Caire. Les communautés de réfugiés en provenance de l’Afrique de l’Est sont les plus nombreuses au Caire. Les statistiques du Haut Commissariat (...)

"Les réfugiés Abyssins au Caire"
> Fabienne Le Houérou

WE ! creation

"bracelet rond"
> Florence Croisier

Hay silencio en los límites de estas calles y el aburrimiento se filtra en las casas por los poros de las paredes blancas. La culpa no es de nadie, porque hay un influjo secreto que despierta el deseo de no decir ni hacer nada. Un marcador in (...)

> Enriqueta Llorca

WE ! creation

"10 "félicitation" 7,5x7,5"
> Ingrid Monchy

Artist in the fore
WE! art

WE ! art
> Giovanna Aresu

Portrait in focus
WE! face

WE ! face
> Aurélie Lemille

E ! go in sight

E ! Go
> Nadege Druzkowski

Designer feature
WE! creation

WE ! creation
> Lisa Gambarelli

Words on line

Nuda, ancora una volta. Un'altra goccia di sudore scivola lungo la schiena. I miei occhi sono chiusi per nascondermi, dimenticarmi. Ora come sempre, persa in un mondo che mi appartiene. Voglio provare a togliere quel velo che ricopre la pe (...)

WE ! write
"Nuda, ancora una volta"
> Paola Prinzivalli