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Welcome to Women on Earth

« The cosmopolitan crossroads representing women in the world, borderless affirmations of cultural diversity and reality, lives and achievements, human and artistic encounters, intersecting experiences and ideas amongst women from all walks of life and all backgrounds. »

Women on Earth is a women’s website that is creative and interactive, welcoming open and talented minds !

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WE ! A state of mind that’s... « decidedly for women ».

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WE ! art


WE ! art

> Karine Lhémon

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WE ! creation

WE! face

> maria silva

Michela va di corsa stamattina: bancomat, spesa, bollette da pagare. Cammina spedita per i corridoi del centro commerciale ed ecco che lui spunta all\'improvviso, facendola sussultare. È quell\'uomo che incontra tutti i giorni davanti alla scuola di (...)

"Può bastare"
> Paola Prinzivalli

WE ! creation

"Coupe #07"
> Nicole Gaulier

Une femme blonde d’une trentaine d’années se trouvait aux portes de Zeikos-la-Dorée (...)

"1. Une femme blonde"
> Anne Larue

WE ! creation

> Lisa Gambarelli

Ton enquête piétinait. "Les 3 mages", comme tu avais surnommé cet escroc de haut vol touché du don d'ubiquité, t'avait encore échappé. C'est alors que tu échus chez sa maîtresse dont la chatte tigrée telle une ure en danger urina en rond à ton entrée (...)

"brêve de scrabble 5"
> Anne Parisot

WE ! creation

"5+5 cartes "bon anniversaire"+10 env."
> Ingrid Monchy

Artist in the fore
WE! art

WE ! art
> Laetitia Disone

Portrait in focus
WE! face

WE ! face
> Nathalie Couderc

E ! go in sight

E ! Go
> Hélène Samper

Designer feature
WE! creation

WE ! creation
> Patricia Noblet

Words on line

he told me he would leave for the party he said he felt bad about it and asked me i told him to go or stay, it didn't matter i had to sleep at some point anyway but he stayed not for me or because not for the night, wet and silent beyond (...)

WE ! write
"his last"
> Etienne Franca